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Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymen Repair Surgery, Hymenoplasty Dubai UAE



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Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymen Repair Surgery Price in Pakistan



Hymen Repair Surgery Price in Pakistan, Islamabad Lahore Karachi Peshawar

First, it is important to understand that the hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that covers the vaginal opening. It is located between the external vaginal opening and the vaginal canal and is traditionally considered a marker of virginity. When the hymen breaks for any reason, it can lead to the assumption that a woman is not a virgin, although there is no definitive measure of virginity.

What is the Hymen and How Does it Break?

As mentioned, the hymen is a thin, fleshy membrane that covers the vaginal opening. It typically breaks during intercourse, but this is not the only cause. Below, a case study is discussed to shed more light on other potential causes.

Broken Hymen Case Study

Aesthdoc Clinic successfully completes thousands of cosmetic gynecology cases each year. One case involved a woman who reported to the clinic with a broken hymen due to extreme sports. She was an avid football player and cyclist. During a game, she fell and felt some blood on her legs. After using the restroom, she noticed blood in her urine. Concerned, she booked an appointment and visited the clinic.

A female plastic surgeon and aesthetic gynecologist at Aesthedoc Clinic examined her and found that her hymen had broken due to the fall during sports. Despite there being no tool to definitively check virginity based on the hymen, the woman was in severe depression, fearing that the absence of her hymen could affect her future marriage and possibly lead to separation. She subsequently booked a hymen repair surgery and successfully underwent a 30-minute hymenoplasty procedure.

Hymen Repair Surgery Price in Pakistan

The cost of hymenoplasty or hymen repair surgery in Pakistan ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 300,000. The price typically depends on the hospital, the doctor performing the surgery, and whether a plastic surgeon or a female gynecologist is involved.

Vaginal Tightening Surgery Price in Pakistan

Just as the hymen holds significant importance, a loose vagina can also negatively impact marital relations. If a man is not fully satisfied with his partner, he may consider ending the relationship or blaming the woman for having a loose vagina. Thus, vaginal tightening is also recommended, especially for women who have been in long-term physical relationships.

In Pakistan, the cost of vaginal tightening surgery also ranges from Rs 75,000 to Rs 300,000. This cost depends on the patient’s condition, the selection of the surgeon or cosmetic gynecologist, and the desired results.

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Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymenoplasty Surgery in UAE, Dubai’s Expertise in Hymenoplasty



Hymenoplasty Surgery in UAE, Dubai's Expertise in Hymenoplasty

The goal of hymenoplasty surgery is to repair the hymen, a little membrane that is located at the vaginal opening. However, people conduct it for a variety of societal, religious, or even private reasons. A healthy hymen is sometimes connected to virginity in certain cultures and society. Many people are doing a question more times why women want to get Hymenoplasty Surgery in UAE, Dubai and also in other foreign countries.

However, it’s feasible that some UAE residents may decide to get Hymenoplasty Surgery in UAE for purely cultural or private reasons. Numerous factors may be at play, including as the need to preserve religious or cultural customs, marriage-related obligations, or the need to confront one’s own virginity-related emotions.

We advise searching up recent data from reliable medical sources, clinics, and news organizations in the area if you’re curious about the current demand for hymenoplasty surgery in the UAE. Todays the medical treatment like Hymen Repair Surgery in UAE, has become popular and people are attracted to it.

Hymenoplasty Surgery in UAE

Hymenoplasty, commonly referred to as hymen repair surgery, is a surgical process focused on reinstating the hymen tissue’s integrity in the vaginal region. In various cultures, an intact hymen is often considered symbolic of virginity.

Various factors, including injuries, medical treatments, and unfortunately, instances of sexual violence, can lead to damage in this area. Some communities regard the integrity of the hymen as an emblem of purity, and not conforming to this cultural norm can lead to social repercussions and stigmatization.

Understanding Hymenoplasty

The hymen is a membrane that might wholly or partially shield the vaginal entrance. It can range from being thin and flexible to thick and less pliable. Typically, its formation starts during the fourth month of fetal development.

Who is it for?
Hymen Repair Surgery in Dubai caters to females who:

  • Seek to address concerns over hymen irregularities.
  • Desire improved sexual sensation post-childbirth.
  • Have suffered accidental hymen damages.
  • Hold concerns regarding hymen’s shape and size.
  • Need aesthetic or functional recovery after trauma.

Techniques Adopted for Hymenoplasty

Different techniques can be employed depending on the individual needs:

  1. The Basic Technique: Typically lasting 30-40 minutes, this method involves stitching the fragmented parts of the hymen. The stitches eventually dissolve.
  2. The Alloplant Technique: This alternative method, lasting a few hours, is adopted when the basic technique isn’t feasible. The surgeon introduces a biomaterial that simulates the hymen’s properties into the vagina.
  3. Hymen Reconstruction: As the name suggests, this approach reconstructs the hymen using tissue from the vaginal lips. Post-operation, sexual activity is advised against for several months.

Costs and Influencing Factors

The cost for Hymen Repair Surgery in Dubai varies from AED 7,999 to AED 14,999 based on several factors:

  • Chosen treatment technique.
  • Surgeon’s qualifications and experience.
  • Desired outcomes.
  • Clinic’s location.
  • Clinic’s facilities and standards.

Post-Operative Insights
After the surgery:

  • Patients usually experience immediate comfort.
  • Reaction times, memory, and concentration remain unaffected.
  • The incision, being along a natural crease, becomes barely noticeable once fully healed.
  • Any swelling or discomfort generally subsides within two weeks.
  • Complete recovery from the surgical procedure takes about six months.

Post-Surgery Care
Recovery from hymenoplasty can vary among individuals but averages 4-6 weeks. To ensure a smooth recovery:

  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene of the treated area.
  • Follow doctor-prescribed medication schedules.
  • Showering is permissible 2-3 days post-surgery, but avoid alcohol and smoking for the subsequent 3-4 weeks.
  • Steer clear of intense physical activity and heavy lifting for the first few weeks.
  • Avoid sexual activity for at least 6-8 weeks post-operation.

Dubai is known for its advanced medical facilities and its emphasis on medical tourism. The city has been a hub for a wide range of medical procedures, including cosmetic and elective surgeries. As with many procedures, hymenoplasty is also offered by several specialized clinics and qualified surgeons in Dubai.

Dubai’s Expertise in Hymenoplasty:

  1. Certified Professionals: Many doctors and surgeons in Dubai are internationally trained and hold certifications from well-recognized institutions. This provides assurance about their expertise and adherence to international medical standards.
  2. State-of-the-Art Facilities: Dubai’s hospitals and clinics are equipped with the latest medical technologies. This ensures that procedures like hymenoplasty are performed using the most recent techniques and equipment.
  3. Privacy: Considering the sensitive nature of hymenoplasty, clinics in Dubai ensure a high degree of privacy for their patients. The procedures are carried out discreetly, and patient information is handled with utmost confidentiality.
  4. Cultural Sensitivity: The doctors and medical staff in Dubai are well-aware of the cultural and religious significance of procedures like hymenoplasty for some individuals. As such, they approach the procedure with respect and understanding.
  5. Medical Tourism: As part of its push for medical tourism, Dubai has established strict regulations to ensure the quality and safety of medical procedures. Clinics offering hymenoplasty are expected to adhere to these regulations.
  6. Consultations: Prior to the procedure, patients typically have detailed consultations with their surgeons to discuss their needs, the procedure, risks, aftercare, and other relevant details.

If someone is considering hymenoplasty in Dubai or any other medical procedure, it is crucial to do thorough research. It’s essential to ensure that the chosen medical facility is licensed and that the surgeon has the necessary certifications and experience. Reading reviews, seeking recommendations, and asking for before-and-after photos (where appropriate) can help in making an informed decision.

Healing Timeframe

The surgical process spans between 30 minutes to an hour, with minor bleeding possible in the first 72 hours. Complete healing usually requires around six weeks, with the revitalized hymen appearing natural and stitches dissolving in 1-2 months.

Why Choose Us?

At the Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Portal, we pride ourselves on our inclusive environment, board-certified surgeons, and unwavering commitment to patient safety and satisfactory results. Through affordable hymenoplasty options in UAE, Dubai, we endeavor to rejuvenate our patients’ confidence and youthful essence.

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Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymen Repair Surgery in Abroad Dubai, Hymenoplasty in UAE



Hymen Repair Surgery in Abroad Dubai, Hymenoplasty in UAE

Hymen Repair Surgery in abroad Dubai, its purpose is to restore the hymen tissue’s structural integrity in the vaginal region. This surgical operation, also known as hymenoplasty, tries to restore what is viewed as a sign of virginity in some cultures.

Numerous women sustain injury to this area as a result of wounds, medical procedures, and, in some regrettable cases, sexual violence. The hymen’s intactness as a sign of purity is highly valued in some communities. Public embarrassment and other social difficulties may follow from failing to meet this cultural requirement.

Define Hymenoplasty

The hymen is a tissue that resembles a rubber washer in shape and can completely or partially cover the vaginal opening. It might have a thin, malleable texture or a thick, less malleable texture. It usually begins to form in the fourth month of foetal development.

Candidates for Hymen Repairing Surgery

Hymen Repair Surgery in abroad Dubai, is suitable for females who:

  • Seek to alleviate worries about hymen perforations or imperfections.
  • Wish to enhance sexual experience post-childbirth.
  • Require repair due to accidental hymen injuries.
  • Have concerns about hymen size and shape.
  • Need cosmetic or functional restoration following trauma.

Techniques for performing hymenoplasty

There are a number of techniques that can be performed. Below is a list that includes some information.

The Basic Technique:

Depending on the patient’s needs, surgeons either provide local or general anesthetic. The operation takes between 30 and 40 minutes to complete. Using this method, the surgeon will stitch together the broken-up portions of the hymen to repair it. After some time, the stitches come out.

The Alloplant Technique:

After delivering local anesthetic, this specific technique lasts a few hours. When the fundamental technique fails to produce the intended results, the Allopant technique is employed.

A biomaterial that serves as the hymen is inserted by the surgeon into the vagina. The material is rip-resistant and a suitable alternative.

Hymen Reconstruction:

In this treatment, the hymen is rebuilt, as the name suggests. The hymen is rebuilt using tissue from the vaginal lips. The patient must refrain from sexual activity for a few months following this operation.

Treatment Price For Hymen Repair Surgery

The cost of Hymen Repair Surgery in abroad Dubai, ranges from AED 7,999 to AED 14,999, depending on the clinic and its offerings. Several factors influence the cost, including the location, the expertise of the cosmetic surgeon, the number of sessions required, and the anesthetic approach. The complexity of the procedure and the state also contribute to the cost.

Influencing Factors on Costs

Several variables contribute to the cost of each treatment:

Choice of Treatment Method:

The cost of the treatment is influenced by the specific method chosen, which aligns with the desired results. The chosen approach directly impacts the overall expense of the treatment.

Qualifications of the Physician:

The cost of the services provided by a surgeon is determined by their educational background, experience, and training. Greater experience typically corresponds to higher costs.

Desired Outcome:

Individuals seek different procedures based on factors such as body size and targeted fat reduction. The treatment techniques and associated costs are contingent upon the intended results.

Location of the Clinic:

Treatment offerings and service expenses differ based on the country, region, and city where the clinic is situated, resulting in varying costs.

Clinical Standards:

The evaluation of a clinic, encompassing aspects like its facilities, local resources, staff, and medical equipment, significantly influences the overall expenses incurred.

Post-Operative Care:

Following the procedure, patients experience immediate comfort. There is no slowdown in their reaction time, memory retention remains unaffected, and their ability to concentrate doesn’t decrease. This type of anesthesia is also suitable for use with children.

  • Furthermore, due to the incision being made along a natural crease, it becomes inconspicuous once it has fully healed.
  • Within a span of two weeks after surgery, any swelling and discomfort subside.
  • Complete recuperation after surgical leg correction typically takes around six months.
  • Throughout the entire recovery phase, the surgeon maintains open communication with the patient and offers guidance on any concerns that may arise.

What roles should you follow after Hymen Repair?

Following hymenoplasty surgery recovery times can differ from woman to woman. The recovery process typically takes 4 to 6 weeks. Hymens need time to heal, thus it’s important to protect them following the hymen repair surgery operation in UAE.

Patients must follow particular instructions to guarantee a comfortable and quick recovery from hymenoplasty surgery in Abudabi. You can take the following activities and safety precautions to help you take care of yourself after hymenoplasty surgery.

  • Ensure appropriate care of the treated area by maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Adhere to your doctor’s instructions regarding medication timing to prevent infections.
  • You can take a shower or bath 2-3 days post hymenoplasty surgery; however, refrain from smoking or consuming alcohol for 3 to 4 weeks thereafter.
  • Refrain from excessive physical exertion or exercise during the initial 2-3 weeks following hymenoplasty surgery. Also, avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Abstain from sexual activity for a minimum of 6-8 weeks after undergoing hymenoplasty surgery.

What is the healing time of Hymenoplasty?

The duration of the surgery usually spans between 30 minutes to an hour, contingent on the extent of the necessary restoration. It’s possible to experience slight bleeding within the first 48 to 72 hours post-surgery. Achieving complete healing generally necessitates around six weeks. The revitalized hymen appears identical to a natural hymen, exhibiting no discernible indications of surgical intervention. The dissolving of stitches takes approximately 1 to 2 months, during which time the resulting scars gradually become nearly imperceptible.

Why You Want To Chose Us?

At the Hymen Reconstruction Surgery Website, we offer a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, featuring board-certified cosmetic surgeons dedicated to safety and favorable outcomes. Our commitment revolves around delivering the utmost quality care to our patients. Through our cost-effective hymenoplasty options in Dubai, UAE, we aim to assist our patients in restoring confidence and a sense of youthfulness.

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