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Hymen Repair Surgery in Islamabad – Hymenoplasty Pakistan



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Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure known by various names such as hymen repair surgery, hymen tissue reconstruction surgery, hymenorrhaphy, etc. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon. Those who wish to undergo this procedure typically do so under the observation of a gynecologist. For over 10 years, Aesthedoc Clinic has been performing numerous cosmetic surgery procedures, with experienced doctors available to assist you at all times.

What is Hymen Repair Surgery?

Hymen repair surgery is a simple surgical procedure that involves repairing a tear in the hymen membrane through surgical stitching. There are many reasons why a hymen might break. If your hymen is delicate, activities like cycling, horse riding, heavy exercise, or stretching your legs widely can cause it to tear. Another common reason is sexual intercourse. To restore the hymen to its original state, hymenoplasty surgery is performed.

Hymenoplasty Procedure

The hymen repair surgery typically takes about an hour, during which a plastic surgeon will administer local or general anesthesia to ensure the patient does not feel pain and the surgery can be successfully completed. There is no need for hospital admission after the surgery; you can easily return to your accommodation. For two weeks, you should avoid lifting heavy objects to prevent the stitches from opening. Dissolvable sutures are usually used during hymenoplasty, which will dissolve on their own over time.

Cost of Hymen Repair Surgery in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the cost of hymenoplasty surgery ranges from approximately 100,000 to 250,000 PKR, depending on the type of services and the clinic you choose. With quality services, the procedure can be completed smoothly. For over 10 years, Aesthedoc Clinic has been one of the best clinics in Pakistan, attracting patients from major cities for hymenoplasty or hymen repair surgery. At Aesthedoc, plastic surgeons and female gynecologists work together to ensure your procedure is conducted safely and smoothly. If you have any questions about hymenoplasty, you can contact us via the provided WhatsApp number.

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Virginity Repair Surgery in Pakistan, Hymenoplasty



Hymen Reconstruction Surgery

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that allows an individual to regain their virginity. This delicate operation can be performed by specialized gynecologists and plastic surgeons. It involves repairing the hymen, which might have been broken due to intercourse, physical activity, or other reasons. The surgery is typically done under local or general anesthesia, ensuring that the patient is comfortable and pain-free.

During the procedure, the surgeon reattaches the torn hymen tissue using fine sutures. This careful process aims to restore the hymen to its original state. Post-surgery, patients can usually return home the same day, with minimal recovery time required.

Alternative Methods of Hymenoplasty in Pakistan

Many products, such as tablets, capsules, gels, and oils, claim to restore the hymen. These products are widely available online but are completely ineffective. Once the hymen is ruptured, it cannot be naturally restored by any topical or oral product. Only a surgical procedure can correctly repair and restore the hymen.

Hymenoplasty Surgeons in Pakistan

In Pakistan, several skilled surgeons can perform hymenoplasty. For instance, Aesthedoc Clinic offers reliable services with qualified female gynecologists and plastic surgeons. They ensure that the procedure is comfortable and efficient, typically completed without the need for an extended hospital stay. After the surgery, patients can usually walk and move around immediately and are advised to take care of themselves for about a week to allow the tissue to heal properly. It’s important to avoid strenuous activities during this period to ensure the sutures do not reopen. After a week, patients can return to their normal daily routines.

In conclusion, hymenoplasty is a viable option for those seeking to restore their hymen, and it should only be performed by qualified medical professionals to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Why Consider Aesthedoc Clinic for Hymenoplasty?

If you are considering traveling to Pakistan for hymenoplasty, Aesthedoc Clinic is the ideal place for this procedure. Here are some compelling reasons:

Qualified Medical and Healthcare Staff: Aesthedoc Clinic boasts a team of highly qualified medical professionals. The staff includes experienced plastic surgeons and gynecologists who ensure that the procedure is performed with the utmost care and precision.

Efficient Medical Examination: Before undergoing surgery, you will receive a thorough medical examination. This process is quick and efficient, ensuring that you are fit for the procedure. You can book your appointment a day in advance, and the surgery can be performed the next day.

Cost-Effective: Compared to international countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Dubai, Norway, and France, the cost of hymenoplasty in Pakistan is significantly lower. This cost advantage extends beyond the procedure itself to associated expenses such as hospital stay, which are much more affordable in Pakistan.

State-of-the-Art Services: Aesthedoc Clinic offers state-of-the-art facilities and services, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care. The procedure is performed under the observation of a skilled female gynecologist, adding an extra layer of expertise and comfort.

Successful Outcomes and Quick Recovery: The clinic prioritizes the health and well-being of its patients. The goal is to ensure that the procedure is successful and that patients can quickly return to their normal lives. Most patients can walk and move around immediately after the surgery and are advised to take simple precautions for about a week to allow the hymen to heal properly.

Comfort and Convenience: The clinic provides a comfortable environment for international patients, making the process as smooth as possible. The efficient scheduling and professional care ensure that your stay in Pakistan is short and stress-free.

In summary, Aesthedoc Clinic combines affordability, expertise, and excellent patient care, making it a top choice for those seeking hymenoplasty in Pakistan. The clinic’s commitment to patient health and successful outcomes ensures that you can undergo the procedure with confidence and return to your normal life swiftly.

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